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Creating an authentic positioning that reveals the best of your delivery to the world. 



Inside Out Journey is a transformative immersive program designed to help you define your personal positioning and transform it into tangible action.

The journey starts inside

Our method

Unleash your power

inside out

Join us for an intimate, delicate and powerful journey, using creative tools and innovative methodologies to bring out your essence and talents with authenticity.

We will provide you with the tools and strategies necessary for you to apply your vision, whether in a new venture or a repositioning in your personal or professional life, in a practical and concrete way.


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What to expect

Through individual and group exercises, we will delve into your life journey, understanding your history and your vision of the future, so that, from there, we can find a position together and translate it into a format of expression that is unique to you. 


From there, we will help you model powerful positioning and communication.


Journey structure

What will the journey be like?



Explore who you are, your values, beliefs and passions to identify your unique talents and how to activate them.


  • Creating a Life Map - a timeline that includes important moments from your past, helping you get a broader perspective on the goals you want to achieve.

  • Clarity about blockers and boosters. (blocks and drivers) of your life journey towards your positioning.

  • Integration of your project or business design into the current world context.




We will create a strong personal brand platform, with clear drivers and a manifesto that represents your mission and values.

  • Discovery of a unique and differentiating positioning

  • Development of a Professional or Personal Brand Manifesto

  • Creation of communication pieces -  Landing Page, Posts, etc. - that materializes your new positioning.

  • Creating an action plan for you to implement your vision and intention


Participant profile

Who is this workshop for?

If you feel like there is something more to offer the world, you are not alone on this journey.

If you already have clues about your next step, but when you think about communication and marketing, you feel stuck, this journey is for you.

Do you feel like you can go beyond your professional role today and want to model something new? 

If you have been seeking clarity, direction, and a meaningful way to live and impact the world around you, this workshop is for you.


Meet the facilitators


Who will guide you on this journey

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Livia Germano

Livia is the founder of Sincera, whose purpose is to connect the potential of companies to the needs and desires of people through Brand-driven innovation. She has developed Branding and innovation projects for various sectors and is a specialist in the healthcare segment, her great passion. She is a certified Lego Serious Play facilitator.


Gisele Feth

Gisele is the founder of CultureCode, whose purpose is to promote more meaningful and authentic connections between people and organizations. She was responsible for marketing initiatives in global companies, including the Dutch fintech Adyen. Gisele is a facilitator of Journey of Purpose, Family and Organizational Constellator.

Our purpose

Each of us carries with us a universe of possibilities

We imagine a world where each individual has the opportunity to unfold their skills and achieve feats in total alignment with their personal values. It is this vision that we want to catalyze.

We wish to make the human being's true essence overflow, so that each person, regardless of their greater or lesser innate aptitude for communication, can express their talents and vision in the world with confidence and power.

We invite you to dive deep into your essence*, exploring it in a creative and innovative way and transforming it into impactful actions in the world.

*This is a non-therapeutic self-knowledge and self-development work that integrates creation and reflection tools, with the aim of helping people reflect, model and implement new possibilities in their lives.

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