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Uncover human truths to identify opportunities for business growth


In our complex world with ever-evolving consumer behaviors, understanding culture and individual perspectives is crucial for business success.

Companies that grasp the major forces and cultural nuances shaping our world can create value, connecting deeply with individuals and driving innovation for consistent growth.

I love to delve into how behavior and social aspects make brands and products not just attractive but, perhaps, beloved. Through an anthropological lens with a focus on the human experience, I uncover the meaning behind occurrences in people's lives.


I decode the cultural environment, exploring how the brand can meaningfully integrate into people's lives through products, services, and experiences.

What I do

As a Strategic Researcher,

I help you to:


Uncover people's realities, aspirations, and interests to provide direction for rethinking business and reimagining brands.


Discover the emotions that connect beyond transactional relationships.


Translate societal shifts and movements into actionable insights, helping brands be culturally relevant.

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Methods: In-depth interviews, Focus group, Home visit, Ethnographic Qualitative Research, Shift Mapping, Trend Analysis e Journey Mapping.

How I work

Search seeking the meaning

Strategic Research

Creative and Ethnographic Approaches: By embracing creative and ethnographic methods, I delve beneath the surface to uncover profound insights, informing bold and informed decisions.

Tracking Societal Shifts: My ability to track and analyze societal shifts empowers me to identify the cultural codes shaping the current landscape and steering future trends.

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artefatos/ simbolos

Featured projects

Behind every brand and every business are real people.

That's why I put a human-first approach at the core of my strategic-creative process.

From healthcare, food & beverage to smart cieties, I´ve helped companies understand and engage with people on a personal level, creating brand experiences and innovative solutions that resonate and build lasting relationships.

Discover other services:


Define your brand vision

to align your team

and connect with your customers



To create experiences

exceptional for your

customers and employees



Innovate with purpose

and have your team guided

to the same direction

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