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The strategic partner to fuel meaningful
connections and business growth

Hi, I am Livia Germano, a seasoned strategist and branding expert with a deep passion for creating strategies that connect businesses to people and their needs.

I have worked as a strategic partner dedicated to helping forward-thinking business to thrive and create deeper and lasting conections with people through Brand-driven Innovation.


Through my blend of brand expertise, a human-first approach, and strategic thinking, I craft relevant brands, define clear and inspiring visions, design exceptional journeys, drive meaningful innovation, and foster cultural change.

This is my website, where I present how I create strategic potential for meaningful impact.

No Filter. Candid. Sincera.

Connecting business to people, and their needs

In a fast-changing tech-driven world, a global culture shift is crucial, using business as means to a greater end.


I see brands as a powerful force to inspire innovation in times of change and create meaningful connections with people, helping them evolve in their lives, as individuals, consumers, employees and citizens, for real.

My approach


What I do

As a freelance strategic partner, I blend a strategic mindset with a creative attitude, offering services in Research, Strategy and Innovation. Work with me to:


Uncover human truths and cultural shifts to identify growth opportunities


I have worked with amazing brands from different shapes, sizes in different sectors:


Expertise in the segment

I have deep industry experience in


Mys services as a freelance strategic partner:

Research & Insights

Branding & Strategy

Experience Design

Brand-driven Innovation


How I work

I can play different roles in projects


Strategic Researcher

I delve into the intricacies of human experiences, unearthing profound insights that shape strategic decisions. My approach ensures businesses are finely attuned to people's needs, fostering relevance and resonance.

Image by Christin Hume

Branding & Strategy Expert

My strategic prowess sets the foundation for everything I do. I believe in crafting a well-thought-out plan before embarking on any branding journey. By deeply understanding business, market, and goals, I develop a clear and purposeful vision and a roadmap that leads to success.


Innovation Facilitator

I facilitate brand and design sprints to drive teams and businesses forward with agility and purpose. Acting as a catalyst, I unlock creativity and promote collaboration, ensuring teams innovate with a deep understanding of human behavior.

Let´s connect!


Featured projects

Meaningful Making

I´ve helped Hiperstream create human-first connections, Regions 4 to co-create a global online platform for exchanging knowledge on biodiversity, Places For Us to decode the impacts of cities on the well-being and happiness of Gen Z, CRDL expand its purpose beyond healthcare as a long-lasting touch technology and much more...

Let's talk about how we can work together?

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